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Perimeter Security

American Fence & Flag services the Greater Lehigh Valley, PA Area, including Whitehall PA, Easton PA, Bethlehem PA, and Allentown PA. Chain link fences are only available in this service area.

American Fence & Flag provides a broad range of products to secure indoor & outdoor areas from unauthorized entry and improve the security of the fenced area. These options include:

  • Double fence lines, spaced six (6) feet apart with barbed or razor wire between the two lines.
  • Barbed and razor wire mounted on the top of the fence lines act as physical and psychological deterrents against would-be intruders.
  • Ornamental Steel and Heavy Duty Aluminum Fence are distinctive, elegant, and secure and provide a more decorative alternative to simple chain link, but are not available with all of the same security features.
  • Commercial Bollards can be used to direct or prevent vehicle traffic.
  • Chain Link - In addition to standard chain link we also offer heavier guages and tighter mesh for improved security and strength.

Properly secured perimeters and corporate assets are a must in today's environment. You will find that American Fence & Flag offers a full range of security and fence accessories to deter and discourage violence and crime.

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